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"The wind blows across the lake and stirs the water. Thus the effects of the invisible are made visible." I-Ching Book of Changes

With early roots in Ayurvedic and Taoist philosophy, this ancient art expressing the healing wisdom of the hands was reconstructed over one hundred years ago in Japan by Master Jiro Murai, then brought to America in the 1950’s by his student Mary Eno Burmeister.

Using 26 contact points on each side of the body, the vertebra, fingers and toes, the practitioner's hands placed gently on the body over clothing act like jumper cables as they activate a circuit of vital energy that nourishes and restores physiological functioning. By improving cleansing and rebuilding functions, more efficient assimilation and elimination of oxygen and nutrients occurs - allowing a deepening of the body’s ability to heal on every level.

There is no pressure, massaging, herbs, music or sound, lotions or oils used in the work. The vital pulse is activated just by gentle application of the hands, thereby dissolving tensions and helping the elimination of toxins.

Jin Shin Jyutsu operates on the principal of cause and effect, focusing on resolving the cause of symptoms. One or more influences, such as genetic dispositions, changes in weather, altitude or time zone; diet, work habits, and emotions can each, or in concert, cause the body to become disharmonized producing physical symptoms, or effects. If the cause of disease is not resolved at its energetic level in the body, the effect, or symptom, will return in the same or a different form.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is not a substitute for the competent application of Western medicine.

This simple healing art is a complement to any other healing modality as well as Western medicine as it integrates mind, heart and body.

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be applied by a trained practitioner as well as applied to oneself.

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"During a recent hospitalization for pneumonia in which I was given a 20% chance of survival, Lonner came to the ICU, then after to the hospital room to treat me. His gentle professionalism navigated the hospital scene and eased my stay. I have continued to see him twice a week and the doctors and nurses are saying that my recovery is so accelerated that it seems to be taking half the time  expected." - M.C.

"There is a single cause of disease - stagnation." Paracelcus


Always conducted outdoors, Restorative Nature Practice outings are guided to bring awareness into the body through sensory, inquiring observation and silent practices. By tuning in to both the details and the broader context of the natural landscape in a slow pace, one awakens to a timeless experience where a deep sense of well-being awaits and health benefits occur.

By incorporating the principles and skills of animal tracking and bird language, and Shinrin-yoku (forest therapy), mentorship of your ability to guide yourself in more effective healing engagement with nature is achieved.

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"Time in nature with Lonner Holden is enrichment for mind, body and soul.  He understands the wilderness from a deep instinctual wisdom. To Lonner, the wild is a shared communion between nature and people, and he approaches this relationship with spiritual pragmatism, beautifully integrating the contemplative spirit with an equally compelling interest to share knowledge, skills and instill confidence for each individual. He offers the  ability to create community, while respecting each persons’ need for solitude and quiet reflection." - C.P. University Faculty


Lawrence Rosen, M.D., a founding member and past chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Integrative Medicine, says part of the reason [for the growing mind-body-nature connection] is the "mounting number of research studies [that] highlight the positive impact of free outdoor play on children’s emotional and physical health." Quoted from

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