How do I prepare for a session?
In general, come as you are. Loose fitting clothes with an open collar (turtle necks and hoodies inhibit effective contact with the neck) are optimal. Just remove your outdoor attire, heavy belts, scarf, watch and large jewelry before you rest quietly on your back on a foam covered table with sheets. This allows you to be more comfortable and for me to access points of contact on your body more effectively.

How is the work applied?
The practitioner sits in a chair next to the treatment table. Then uses the hands to gently contact points on the body including the fingers and toes in various sequences with the hands placed over clothing. There is no massage, rubbing, pressure or manipulation of the tissue or structure in any way.

How does it work?
This simple process allows the activation of vital energy in the body so that physiological functions can be corrected and enhanced.

Do you use lotions or oils?
No oils, lotions or essences are used.

Do you use sound or music?
No. The session is quiet. Occasionally one may desire one's own music or sound track at one's home during a visit there.

Should I come if I have a cold or a flu?
If you might be contagious, please call first to discuss your particular situation before deciding to come or stay home. I am fairly resistant to colds and flues, but I see clients who are immuno-suppressed and are quite sensitive. It may be the case that the office will not be at risk and you may benefit from the appointment. If you are intending to be generous by sending a friend or family member to take your appointment time because they are ill, please do not do so if they might be contagious.

Is there any literature I should read and understand before I make an appointment?
Informational learning will not have any effect on your experience, but it may give you some context that makes you feel more comfortable in making an appointment. Jin Shin Jyutsu is understood best experientially. Yet a good book that is available on Amazon and in many book stores is The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister. This book encompasses the philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu and includes self-care practices that you can begin using immediately.

Why would I do this instead of massage or acupuncture?
Jin Shin Jyutsu is a complete system that integrates the entire person. Many clients comment that they find this work more relaxing than a massage. However, many clients alternate their appointments here with other forms of care like acupuncture, massage and chiropractic.

Does this work interfere with other forms of care?
No. Jin Shin Jyutsu gently helps to mobilize the body's own healing capacity, so the physiology becomes more efficient. It supports and compliments all other forms of care or medicine to be more effective.

Can I expect quick results?
It depends on your situation. Time expectations can distract from the awareness of the process of healing. Often in acute cases, relief is experienced immediately, like with burns. Chronic situations are usually a result of the concealed, slower process of the cause of symptoms to show up as visible symptoms, so it can take some time to stop the process and to reverse it. Prevention, however, almost always produces quick results - it is more effective to keep a higher functioning physiology going than say, to mobilize one that is experiencing difficulty.

Is the self-healing practice difficult to learn?
The truth is, we are all unconsciously using our hands in a healing maintenance capacity daily. Some call it "body language." Consciously learning what you already unconsciously know may feel unfamiliar for a while, and familiarity comes, as with all things, practice.

By using it on myself, can I cause any harm or "Do it wrong?"
No. Jin Shin Jyutsu is gentle, and though it is a complete system, every physiological system is connected to and interdependent on every other physiological system. It is our nature to move in the direction of wellness. You can only be more or less effective. This is where the learning comes in handy. Practice affords self-awareness that serves you having a better idea of what you need, how much and when.

What do I do for you to come to the hospital?
Just call to make an appointment for me to come after morning rounds. Let the staff know when I am coming and that you would like to not be disturbed for the hour of my visit. Most hospitals are accommodating of other practitioners of non-invasive, non-diagnostic disciplines visiting their patients. If they do enter during our session to briefly check on you, that is not a disturbance to the work we are doing.

How do I pay?
Personal checks are preferred. Money orders are accepted. I do not accept credit cards at this time.

Do you take insurance or Medicare?
This practice is a non-diagnostic practice, so I do not take or bill medical insurance. In the case of auto accidents I may bill the auto insurance company for reimbursement after confirming the appropriate process with them.

Are office visits tax deductible?
It is always advisable to check with your tax-preparer on what is an allowable deduction given your unique tax situation. I am prepared to issue a statement of the cost of your visits upon request.


What happens during a Restorative Nature Practice walk or activity?
Simple routines or activities are introduced to guide your experience toward direct connection with nature. We may sit quietly and just observe and listen to the world around us; walk slowly to feel the feet on the ground; feel textures, explore smells, observe animal sign, watch the activity of birds. Sensory awakening experiences of all sorts. You will have an opportunity to share the story and/or reflections of what you experienced through responding to prompts from your facilitator/guide in a group circle that concludes our gathering.

How does being in nature help my health?
To slow down and become aware to subtler sensations, details and changes in the natural environment connects you more to your body and your relationship with how you do and do not feel safe. By gently exploring this experiential realm in a guided supportive environment, fears and anxieties are diminished decreasing cortisol levels, which is the cause of stress. When stress response in the body is reduced, the body's physiological functions relax to perform more efficiently so increased health and sense of well-being result.

Aren't there health risks and dangers in nature like poisonous plants, stinging insects and aggressive animals?
Yes, there are. And just like managing the health risks of one's kitchen or driving on the freeway we manage our risk in nature by risk preventative awareness of what to avoid or engage with in a safe and respectful way. We don't go where there have been recent mountain lion sightings or travel in rough or steep terrain. If you have allergies, you are reminded to come having informed your guide and bring your necessary medication, etc. A knowledgable guide who identifies risks at the appropriate level and directs accordingly is at the core of supporting your confidence and comfort during your outing.

I already know a lot of naturalist information, so why would I come on a Restorative Nature Practice outing?
A Restorative Nature Practice outing is not an information oriented experience. Though your guide will have ample naturalist information knowledge which will influence their decisions about activities and discretion regarding risks, the activities themselves are intentioned to be experiential and experimental. The practice is rooted in curiosity, wonder and discovery rather than informational knowledge.

"The curious mind is like undisturbed ground, ready to receive the birth of an impression that is the beginning of a story; a story spoken in spirit as it is becomes printed upon the membrane of the visible world to be read.  The curious mind is the landscape wonder is born onto.  Wonder is the portal back to the origin of life and of each individual's deeper meaning.  The story one reads is ultimately, therefore, one's own." Journal entry, May 2011

"After my first session with Lonner, I felt as if 10 pounds of fear and self-doubt lifted from my being. Lonner is a gifted practitioner whose calm and reassuring presence provides a gentle conduit for deep transformation." - C.E.

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