Jin Shin Jyutsu
The Touch of Healing
by Alice Burmeister

Nature Therapy
The Little Book of Shinrin-yoku
by M. Amos Clifford

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"Sometimes referred to as "Body Language," all involuntary and spontaneous gesture is actually an external expression of an internal state. Any positions your own hands assume on your body free of your volition, are representative of a psychological, physiological or belief activity occurring below the visible surface. As an inquiring observer of this ongoing dance, you can learn how your hands are generously freeing you from stress, toxins and tensions 24/7, and cultivate and refine that innate ability and wisdom." Class lecture notes, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, San Rafael, CA 2013


Barbara Newlon, D.O.
San Rafael, CA

Margarita Loinaz, M.D.
Kensington, CA

Hahnemann Medical Clinic
Roger Morrison M.D.
Nancy Herrick
Point Richmond, CA

Guided imagery:
Marty Rossman, M.D.
Mill Valley, CA

Pine Street Clinic
San Anselmo, CA

Physical therapy & movement training:
Peter J. Fabian, P.T., C.F.P.
Larkspur, CA

Teja Bell
Corte Madera, CA

Faye Coddington
Ross, CA

Patrick Spalding, CMT
San Francisco, CA

Jin shin jyutsu certification training:
Jill Pasquinelli
San Rafael, CA

Health and well-being, and nature connection:

Samana+ Ayurveda

Jacqueline Gerson

Indigenous Lifeways & Healing
Ancestral Voice
Phillip Scott
Novato, CA

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